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In this section, we delve into YLG GROUP LTD's approach to business and our methodology for creating value, both at a Group level and for our investee companies.

Our Investment Principles

Throughout our extensive history, YLG GROUP LTD has skillfully managed investor funds, fostered fruitful partnerships, and engaged with various stakeholders. We have consistently adhered to a set of fundamental investment principles that have guided our journey. Our strategy has always revolved around making investments in sectors displaying robust growth potential, aligning with leading companies, and partnering with individuals in whom we have full trust. Furthermore, we have maintained a keen focus on adapting our portfolio to the evolving business landscape, taking into account the changing environment and the dynamic needs of our valued customers. Whenever the situation has warranted, we have ventured into new sectors and businesses, while also divesting non-core enterprises and exiting sectors that were no longer aligned with our goals. The dedicated application of these principles over the years has resulted in the diverse and vibrant portfolio that YLG Groups boasts today. This strategic approach has consistently delivered steady growth in returns, even through the ups and downs of various economic cycles. Our commitment to sound investment practices, enduring partnerships, and value-driven collaboration remains the driving force behind YLG Groups' continued success.

Financial Resilience Through Collaborative Partnerships

At YLG GROUP LTD, our approach to capital allocation is rooted in a disciplined long-term perspective, ensuring the maximization of both financial and strategic value. Over time, we have cultivated profound relationships with a diverse array of well-capitalized leading banks and corporate partners, all of which have been instrumental in reinforcing our financial strength.

Our unwavering approach hinges on the maintenance of a robust balance sheet and liquidity position, not only for YLG Groups but also for its subsidiaries. This position has empowered the Group to navigate the market confidently, enabling us to pursue substantial acquisitions, especially during periods of market dislocation.

We recognize the intrinsic value of forging robust partnerships with international multinational companies. These collaborations not only serve to enhance our financial strength but also unveil a world of opportunities. By uniting our efforts, we harness collective expertise, resources, and market insights to nurture mutual prosperity. Our pursuit extends beyond mere financial growth; we're steadfastly dedicated to fostering financial resilience through the power of collaboration.

Engaged Owner and Operator

Our commitment to partnership extends to becoming an engaged owner and operator in every venture. We don't merely invest and step back. We actively participate in the businesses we support, taking an ownership stake in their success. This approach ensures that our investments are not passive but active contributors to growth. We're not just partners; we're dedicated co-creators of success stories.

Our Governance System

A robust governance system is the backbone of our investment principles. We recognize the importance of transparency, accountability, and responsible decision-making. Our governance system ensures that the interests of all stakeholders, from investors to employees, are safeguarded and aligned. We operate with integrity, guided by ethical standards that foster trust and long-lasting partnerships.

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